Wednesday, April 25, 2018

SSO with Brightcove Gallery

If you haven't heard about Brightcove Gallery, in a few words is just platform that allows you to stream video efficiently and with great quality.

One of the challenges we faced was to integrate this platform with ours. Despite the fact that they have decent documentation, as usual, the fine details are not present. If it was that easy anyone would do it :)

In order to keep things simple we just have to pay attention to these details:
  • After you have created your SSO configuration on Access Control and on your SSO server you have setup your IdP.

  • Go to your site settings in your project/experience and link your site to your newly created Access Control

According to the documentation this should be all (yay!) 
However when testing you will get a 404 from Gallery (o_O) 

Why me???? :O

This is the trick:
Double check your SSO settings on your IdP settings

Our endpoint matches what Gallery has in ACS URL Override. But we have a site which has its own URL

Bingo! Let's use that URL in our Assertion Consumer Service URL, keep the /login/callback
And success!!!